Thursday, December 31, 2009

Batteries not necessary and other things we learned over the holidays

This was our first holiday season with the boys we had a lot of fun and learned a few things. The best part of the holidays (I think) is getting to see family that we don't often see. This year we decided to skip all of the holiday parties due to RSV and flu season at our pediatrician's recommendation. Even though we didn't go to any parties the boys had the chance to meet my Great Aunt Marion who was in town from Illinois and again see my second cousins.
It was a nice visit. The boys were their usual calm and happy selves. I keep reading that boys should be reaching a stage where they only want mom and dad and have a fear of strangers, but we haven't seen any signs of that yet. They were happy to be held by everyone. As usual we took a fair number of pictures but we don't have any of the holiday photos processed yet. Hopefully I'll have a ton of photos to share in the next week.
Christmas eve we went to the traditional dinner at Cody's parents. We had a good time and the boys seem to as well. At one point Andrew was passing (kicking and batting) a toy car back and forth with his cousin, it was very cute and he kept giggling. I guess we should get them some cars to play with. The boys got the traditional gift for the boys of pajamas for Christmas eve. I didn't wrap them since I had already washed them so they would be able to wear them. Instead of the usual footy pjs or sleep sacks I bought the boys pjs that were a pant and shirt set. They made the boys looks so much like little boys and not babies.
Christmas morning I got up and fed the boys their morning bottle at 7 and went about the normal routine until almost 9. Then it was time to see what Santa brought the boys. Santa didn't wrap any of the boys gifts, but the packaging was more than enough to get open.
I can't believe the packaging for kids toys, they are almost parent proof. One of the packages even stated that wire cutters were required to open the package. Once we were able to wrestle the toys from the dozens of twist ties, we very quickly learned that the boys were terrified of any toys that moved. They are okay with lights and sounds, but once it moves that's it. It was  decided that we would be leaving toys turned off or without batteries for the time being.
There wasn't much time to play as we had a fair number of stops to make during the day. We visited Cody's grandparents, my mom, and finally went to Cody's parents. The boys made out like bandits with tons of new toys and clothes. Our big gift for this year was a Kidco Configure Gate and 4 extensions. Which is now set up giving the boys a playroom and us some piece of mind especially with how mobile the boys are now. 
On Christmas we went off the boys schedule, I felt so bad. The boys didn't get a good nap and were up way too late. They were fussy and so exhausted by the time we got them in bed. Luckily they boys are usually kept on such a solid napping schedule it only took a day to get them back on it. Next year hopefully they'll be old enough to handle going off schedule for the one day without any of the inconsolable crying.
Overall Christmas was nice, but we learned that we really need to stick to the schedule, toys that move are scary, and the boys would rather eat wrapping paper then rip it off of boxes.


  1. your pics are nice where did you take them?

  2. Almost all of our pictures are taken at home. Photography is Cody's hobby, so we had the gear (most of it) to take portraits before we had the boys. He recently built a studio set up in our garage so we can use the seamless white background or other backdrops.