Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teething begins

Last night after many nights of the boys sleeping for at least 10 hours was hard. Andrew started fussing at about 2 am. We fed the boys at 11:45 that night so he couldn’t be hungry already. I gave him is pacifier and rubbed his back for a minute and he went back to sleep. The pattern of fussing and calming continued every 20 to 30 minutes until 6 am. Luckily only a couple times did he wake Nick or Parker who quickly calmed with a pacifier.

At the time I didn’t even think about the possibility of teething, just thought it was an off night. This morning when I was actually awake I wondered if we were starting teething. The boys have been chewing on everything they could get in their mouths for the last week or so. I meant to check and just kept forgetting to all day.

It was a busy day of running errands and we didn’t do a tooth check until right before bedtime. Sure enough Andrew’s two bottom front teeth had broken through. A few minutes later we confirmed everyone’s two bottom teeth had been cut.

It looks like our days of gummy grins are coming to an end.


  1. How wonderful! Another milestone has come along. It is such a shame that teething has to be so painful for babies. It broke my heart to hear my William (now 8 1/2 months old) when he cut his first two.

    I have been too busy to check in on you guys and it is hard to believe just how much the boys have changed. Such handsome little men they are!! Their Halloween photos were wonderful. What a cool contest you entered them in. Has the winner been picked yet? Good luck if it hasn't.

    How are you and Cody both doing Lisa? Any more plans for that first trip to Disney World or Land?


  2. The contest winner has not yet been picked, but while we made the top 40 we didn't make it any further.

    We are doing well. Still planning on Disneyland next fall. No dates or anything else decided on yet.

  3. As I'm sure you've figured out, it takes a lot of spit to make teeth. ;-) I do love a toothless grin. Unless you're >10 years old. :-D