Saturday, November 14, 2009

Solid foods

Since the pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start solids we jumped right in. Starting with rice cereal the at the beginning of the month it has gone very well. After two weeks of feedings (now 2 solid a day) the boys have learned to be patient in between bites.  We discovered very quickly that we’ll need a feeding table much earlier that I had thought. Right now we are feeding the boys in their bouncy seats.

There are a lot of drawbacks to the bouncy seats for feedings. It takes a lot of towels to support them enough to be sitting upright. It’s really hard on my back to lean over to reach everyone with the spoon. Did I mention the seats are bouncy? The boys kick and more than once a spoon has been hit by a excited arm making a huge mess. We are looking for a table to use to convert into a feeding table.

Even with the challenges of the bouncy feedings the boys are enjoying solids. So far rice cereal has gone over well. Avocado is not a favorite but no one seems to dislike it. Yesterday we introduced bananas. Andrew and Nicholas are okay with them, Parker loved them. We fed bananas again this morning and he was all smiles through the feeding.  Next we’ll introduce sweet potatoes.

We’ve taken a bunch of picture of the boys getting their first tastes of foods, but Cody has been busy building a seamless white background studio set up in the garage and has gotten a little behind on processing pictures. So to avoid a photo-less post here are Andrew and Nicholas enjoying morning floor time.

(Andrew, Nicholas)

If the boys cooperate later today we should be able to do a photo shoot with the new seamless background. With Andrew and Parker able to sit up unassisted now it gives us new photo options. I can’t wait to see what images we can capture.


  1. Hi did you make your feeding table? If so where did you get the table in order to create the seats? My husband wants to make it but hasn't yet and the bouncy chairs/ back pain is getting old! I'm about to order one! And I love your blog and adorable sons! I have 2 boys and a girl. 6 months! Ugh time flies ...

  2. Collen we were not able to find a suitable table so we instead bought one. You could still get a table to use and just order the seats to save a little money.