Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vacation planning

I’ve mentioned before that Cody and I are big Disney fans. It’s been 13 months since our last Disney vacation and we are already trying to decide when we can go back.

There has been much debate as to what age we should take the boys to Disneyland and also to Disney World. I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was 4 years old, but think next fall would be a great time to go back. It would of course not be a Disney trip like we’ve had before. Normally we “go commando” through the parks, as in get there early and do everything we can possibly cram in before the park closes. With the boys it would be a leisurely trip with lots of time spent in Fantasyland and tons of cute pictures taken with the characters.

We also have talked about taking the plunge and taking the boys to Disney World, but we had to take RSV season into consideration over the next 2 years. RSV seasons are broken into 5 regions, South, Northeast, Midwest, West and Florida. Florida is it’s own region, that can’t be a good sign. RSV season in Florida starts in early July and runs to the end of January.  Since we usually like to visit WDW in September, that’s out.

We are both really going through Disney withdrawals. It’s never too early to start planning for Disneyland, right?


  1. My munchkin's first trip was Disneyland at six months old, and I thought it was much easier than WDW! We stayed right down the street, the Magic Kingdom is much smaller and the parks themselves are obviously smaller, so there was a lot less walking, even with heading back to the hotel for afternoon naps. Fantasyland is better in DL. Of course, we had a 6:1 adult-to-baby ratio, so there was always someone to hold him on the rides or wait with him outside the big rides.

  2. Have the fun is in the planning anyway!! Well for me at least. I think it is great that you can start to think about the first official trip, whether it is DL or DW.

    Just as a side note, I am making a return to the World soon, with my daughter Emily. It will be a mommy and me trip and we are staying at POFQ. I can hardly wait!!

    I have not been on the DIS ( or here either) for a bit so I am not sure, have you guys had any updates on your "trip report"?

  3. No updates on the trip report lately. That's great that you get to take a mommy and me trip!

    I have a package that should be going out this week to the Great White North :)

  4. I found your blog from the Dis board,off your dh's POTD post.I had to come check out those beautiful boys.
    My husband lost his job in June after 16 long years of dedication to his company,so we had to cancel our September trip/Our son's 4th Birthday trip :(. I am deffinately dreaming of Disney.Here's to wishing we can return there soon.