Friday, October 23, 2009

Random pictures

A post about cloth diapering is just waiting for editing, so in the mean time here are some recent photos.

My niece met the boys a couple weeks ago. At 5 years old she has decided that she never wants to have babies because she “could have three at the same time” and “that’s a lot of babies.”

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

Here are the boys in what we call emergency screen time. The boys have rarely seen TV or any video, so when they are melting down nothing calms them faster then being shown a video. They literally go from screaming bloody murder to calm focused children in about 2 seconds.

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

Tummy time is a daily event at our house and I’m proud to announce that Nicholas is no longer the face plant king. He isn’t very happy about tummy time but will now hold his head up for a few minutes at a time.

Parker on the other hand has become a tummy time champ. Since mastering rolling he has decided that he is going to be a stomach sleeper. Now he just has to notice that there is not always room to roll over, so far that hasn’t stopped him from trying.

(Nicholas, Andrew, Parker)

The boys are usually only put in the same crib when we are getting ready to take them downstairs after a feeding/changing. We refer to it as the staging crib. All of the boys know how to turn on the soother and will stay semi entertained for a few minutes. The other time we put them all in the same crib is when we need to entertain them for a little while. When there is not enough time to take everyone downstairs just to bring them back up for feeding/nap/bedtime. We used to set them up on the floor like this to play.

(Nicholas, Parker, Andrew)

We found that they tend to try and scoot under the cribs now. They are way to big to fit so they just end up banging their heads. Now we do this:

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

Yes those are clamps on the crib. It’s the DIY baby gym. It’s not as nice as taking them downstairs where the each have their own gym to play, but in that 15 minutes between a feeding and bedtime it is a wonderful thing.


  1. oh my goodness, that picture of parker all rolled on top of his brother is adorable! eep!

  2. My twins calm completely down too when they are on melt down if I put on a video...
    It certainly makes life easier when I am trying to get their food ready and such...
    Such cute boys!!