Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Never ending weekend

Cody has had the whole week off from work, so we’ve been taking advantage of him being home. Over the past 6 days we’ve visited (or had visit) all of the boys' grandparents, took two leaf drives up the canyons, celebrated Cody’s 29th Birthday, went shopping at the mall and bought a chest freezer (so we can finally reclaim our kitchen freezer). Needless to say it’s been busy.

We took quite a few pictures, but the only one processed so far is this:

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

It’s our first family photo since the hospital. Cody set up two flashes and the camera with the remote. It was funny watching cars slow down to look at us. The jackets are so cuddly and the ears just make them that much cuter.

While shopping for clothes for the boys and searching for new PJs, Cody was overheard saying that we need 3 in the same size. A woman heard us wondering why we would need three. Turns out she has triplets and one was coming home from the hospital the next day. It must be a parent of triplets thing where you clearly hear others when they say anything about buying in threes. She was very nice and we pointed her towards some of the local triplet groups and hope to meet her again.

If Cody has tomorrow off as well, it looks like we’ll be shampooing carpets (oh boy!). Friday night our favorite babysitter is coming over to give us a night out. I’m still undecided if we will go to dinner or see a movie. It’s been so long that I have no idea if there is anything worth seeing in the theater right now. Either way it will be nice to have a night out.


  1. aw! great family pic. beautiful setting! love the little snuggly jackets. eeep!

  2. I agree, this is a lovely family photo. You all look so happy and fulfilled. Congratulations on your adorable family.

    Just as a side, Lisa how have the thyroid meds been working for you?

  3. I'm not dizzy anymore, so it seems the meds have been working.