Monday, October 5, 2009

Long weekend

I’ll have to sum up the weekend tomorrow. Cody has been off since Thursday so it’s been like a super weekend. Instead here are some pictures.

This was from two months ago when we first started using cloth diapers. I wasn’t sold on the whole cloth diapering thing at first, but now I think they are great. They are not as much work as I thought they would be, plus no diaper rash and the boys seem to like them much better than disposables.  After using fleece for a while even Pampers Swaddlers seem scratchy to us. For the most part we are using all cloth, but occasionally we have to use disposables. On average we are using one disposable diaper each every three days. At that rate we may outgrow size one diapers with a couple boxes left unopened.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

This is from two weeks ago, they have grown so much.

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

Finally a shot Cody was able to get just the other day with all three boys smiling (or close to it) something we’ve been trying to capture for a long time.

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)


  1. I was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind putting a post together about your cloth diapering experiences...

    I'm extremely interested in using Cloth, but I don't have the slightest idea what a "routine" would even look like! Such things as, how many do you have for each boy? How does washing work? If you can't throw 'em in the wash right away... where do you stash them? Etc.

    It may sound a bit odd, but any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated! We're looking to use the same ones your boys model so well ;o).

  2. Love,love, love the smiling sleeper shot!! This is just beautiful!

  3. I'm working on a cloth diapering post, should be up tonight or tomorrow morning. Thanks for the suggestion.