Thursday, October 1, 2009

DNA results are in… they’re identical!

After months of waffling back and forth about if our boys are all identical, we finally ordered the test kit a couple of weeks ago and got the results back this afternoon. I believe Pam was the first to welcome us to the ID BBB club and now it’s official (I’m hoping she’ll teach me the secret handshake).

Our boys are all monozygotic!  What that means is that one egg split into two, with one being Nicholas and another that split again a few days later into Andrew and Parker.

We’ve not been able to find any exact odds on identical triplets, but generally we’ve seen somewhere between 1 in 60,000 and 1 in 160,000 pregnancies. I think that’s just crazy. We really need to go to Vegas or play the lottery. I’m happy to finally know and it will sure make things easier when we are out with the boys to say “yes they are identical” instead of “these two are identical for sure and we don’t know about him” and explaining it. We’ve been telling people they are identical just to make it easier, so it’s nice to find out we haven’t been lying to all the strangers that have asked.

Some pictures for today. Since summer is officially over and fall is setting in. Here are the boys enjoying the nice weather in the back yard.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

These pictures were taken a couple weeks apart. Seems like we can almost watch them growing overnight.


  1. ha! i knew it! :)

    will send the secret handshake instructions. :P

    welcome to the club! hee!

    it's funny - now you'll wonder how you ever doubted that they were identical.

  2. Congrats on finding out! Just from the pics, I thought for sure Andrew and Parker were, but wasn't sure on Nicholas. :)

  3. The main reason we questioned is due to the size difference between Nicholas and the other two. He's been smaller since the get go and hasn't caught up yet.

  4. i understand. we have a runt too. :)