Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend recap (A few days late)

It was a busy week and weekend for us and the boys. I consider busy any week that I take the boys out on my own more than once. It’s always an adventure running errands with the boys and the uber-stroller. The boys went grocery shopping with me on Thursday. We bought a reusable grocery bag from Albertsons that hangs perfectly off the steering wheel so I could easily shop without trying to carry a basket.

Friday morning, I had a 9 am doctor appointment that I had to take the boys with me. It was interesting to see my normal doctor, the last time I talked to her it was the day of my first ultrasound. She called me to tell me she could no longer be my doctor as she doesn’t handle high risk pregnancies. She was excited to see the boys and they were very well behaved. I’m fairly sure that when she listened for the baby’s heart at my first prenatal appointments she was listening to Parker and was just as shocked as we were to find out we were having triplets. I went in to see if we can’t find out why I keep having dizzy spells. They drew a lot of blood and I should hear back this week.

We decided to spend Saturday shopping in an attempt to catch some end of season sales to buy the boys summer clothing for next year. Either we were too early or too late, because we didn’t find a whole lot. We did find some bibs on sale and a couple outfits that were 2 for $4. After looking through many racks, we also realized that before we can do any real shopping we need to re-inventory the boys closet for larger sizes to determine what we’ll need.

As usual Sunday was our grocery shopping day and dinner with the family. It turned out to be a wonderful day since we finally sold my old car. It has been for sale for 5 months with very little interest. The cash for clunkers deal took away what little interest we’d had. Finally Cody took a friend’s advice and jacked up the price hoping someone would make a low offer. It worked! It worked so well we sold it for a few hundred more than we would have taken. A celebratory lunch at Applebee's was required.

We were out later than planned on Sunday so Monday was a slow day. We stayed home all day getting laundry caught up and Cody mowed the lawn. For some reason I was very, very tired and fell asleep at around 7 pm, making the day seem very short after a nice long weekend.

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