Sunday, September 27, 2009


Cody went on a photo processing spree this weekend, finishing up all of August and current September photos. Instead of doing a huge photo post, I’m just going to share a couple at a time. Pictures are fun, right? That and I’m not really sure what to blog about most days. My days (and the boys’ days) are very routine, we have a schedule that we stick to. I can’t imagine our daily activities are that exciting to others. Only on rare occasions do we deviate from the schedule or do something special. If anyone has any questions, suggestions or requests please let me know.

The boys love their mobiles. We have three different ones that we rotate between their cribs. I know it seems like they are looking at the camera, but really they are looking at the mobile.

(Nicholas, Andrew, Parker)

Here’s Andrew on bath night, happily waiting for his turn in the tub.


  1. Love the mobile shot!! They are the best distraction item. My William loves to reach up and pull the rabbits off. Every time I come into his room and find a rabbit off to the side I just have to giggle!!