Monday, September 14, 2009

Peach Days

Over the weekend, we met the Photowalking Utah group at the Brigham City Peach Days so Cody could mingle with other photography lovers and get some cool photos.  Or rather I should say we tried to meet the group. There was a group, but we arrived about one minute late and they were already walking away from the meeting point.  We briefly talked to a few members before they got lost in the crowd, and that was all we saw of the group, apparently it didn’t stick together very long.  Cody especially wanted the chance to go with the group, so it was pretty disappointing. We still walked through Main St and looked at some of the displays.

The boys seemed to enjoy themselves, looking around and watching all the activity. The only fun/interesting thing was a table set up for DL PhotoArt. They offered to do a free photoshoot for the boys to have in their portfolio. I’ll be calling them this week to set something up.

Sadly even though we went so Cody could take photos, he only took three shots. He was there more for the group aspect and I was just there because it was a nice day to get out. I lived in Brigham City for a year as a kid and remember Peach Days being a big deal. It seems like the fair has lost some of its luster over the last couple decades.

In completely unrelated news, the mystery of my dizziness has been solved. My labs came back on Thursday and I have hypothyroidism. With luck it will take just a couple weeks for the medication to kick in. After reading through all the symptoms of hypothyroidism I wasn’t surprised at all. Let see… dizziness? check.  Hair loss? check.  Fatigue? check. Forgetfulness? check. So other than the dizziness it all sounds like any other sleep deprived new mom. At least the dizziness will go away, we’ll see about everything else.

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  1. Hey Lisa, so sorry to hear about the hypothyroid. I hope the meds work for you and you will not be so fatiqued. Not good for such a hard working mama!