Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Recap

It was a busy weekend (is there any other kind?) We had some plans and a lot to get done. It didn't all go according to plan but we had fun anyway.

Saturday our only plan was to go to a photo walking group to Red Butte Gardens, but first we drove to Spanish Fork to pick up a backdrop stand and a backdrop that Cody was buying off KSL. It was an hour drive each way, but the boys were great napping in the car. We stopped for food and fed the boys while eating. We are learning we can feed the boys pretty much anywhere, parks, restaurants, while Daddy gets a hair cut and even a Walmart parking lot.

We picked up the photo gear and as the temperature reached 98° (and rising) outside we decided it would be miserable to take the boys to the gardens. So, instead we stopped at IKEA to get some shelves for the basement.

Of course we had to walk through the whole store and picked up something for the boys:

We got home with enough time to play with the boys with the new finger puppets for an hour before we started the bedtime routine. We were worried that the boys may have slept too much in the car to sleep well at night, but luckily they went down without any trouble.

Sunday we just had errands to run and nowhere to be. We went to Walmart and Costco for the week's groceries and to check for some clothes for the boys. Somehow we ended up with 3 pairs of Garanimals "elephant" shorts but only 1 matching top. We were able to find one in the right size, hopefully they'll restock by next weekend. After getting the basics, it was off to Costco - we were in and out pretty quickly. I was excited to find that they still have Carters kids pajamas for sale. We picked up some adorable blue ones that fit the boys this fall/winter.

We got the usual comments from people when they saw the boys and we've started to notice a trend of comments from other parents/relatives of multiples - twins must be really hard! It seems like we constantly hear "I thought twins were bad enough" and "Twins were horrible I can't imagine three." I guess we are lucky to have our triplets. Even though it is a lot of work, we wouldn't change anything. Besides, it sounds like we are just lucky not to have any of those "horrible" twins.

But who knows what we are in for!

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  1. Don't forget, twins are horrible, triplets are horrific! ;)