Sunday, August 2, 2009

Triplets in the wild

We always take the boys with us when running errands. Yes, out in public or in the wild as we call it. Cody and I have only seen one other set of triplets (that we know of) in the wild. It was last Friday at the zoo. We ran into a couple with 4 year old triplet boys who noticed our stroller.

We spoke with them briefly as their boys were looking at the exhibits and then moved on. After this short interaction it made me think of all of the times we have been stopped and the comments people make when they see us with the boys. We are not at all surprised by people making comments or stopping and staring or even pointing, but I've noticed that many people either fail to think before speaking or they simply blurt out the first thing that pops into their mind.

So, if you see triplets while out and about, here are a few tips:

First look at the parents, do they look like they are in a hurry or attempting to accomplish something? Are they trying to calm a fussy baby? If so move along, comments like "how cute" are okay. Please don't tell them they have their hands full or must be very busy, everyone says these and it's getting harder and harder not to make a very sarcastic remark. By all means do not grab onto the stroller and attempt to impede its forward motion (I still cannot believe the number of times this has happened).

If the stroller is stopped and not because of the crowd surrounding it, it's probably okay to approach and ask to peek at the babies. Do not attempt to touch the babies. I have never been so prepared to swat the hands of strangers. No offense, but I don't know where your hands have been and in general it's not okay to touch other people's children.

For the most part, people are very friendly and usually have big smiles when they see us and the massive stroller. Sometimes though we get comments that really make us pause and wonder if we really heard what was just said.

Some people ask questions, personal favorites include:

Are they all yours? - Nope, I found 3 babies that look alike and decided to buy the set.
Are they natural? - Nope 100% synthetic.
Triples, you have triples? - Umm I still don't have a response for this and sadly I've heard the boys called triples multiple times.
Can I have one? - This is just creepy.
Can you tell them apart? - Nope, we change their names daily.

When onlookers don't have a question they simply make a well thought out statement:

Wow you are brave. - Yes by having three kids and leaving the house I deserve all kinds of medals.
Look at those three little twins. - Three twins? Logic failure.
You don't have triplets! - Let's see 1, 2, 3 babies. I do in fact have triplets.
You must have been huge. - Yes amazingly large thank you for reminding me, it was very comfortable too.
Sucks to be you. - The words of an ignorant teenager.
You are your own exhibit (at the zoo) - This is why we went to the zoo not so that we could enjoy the animals but to put on a show.

Of course a few special people have blurted out obscenities at the shock of seeing our boys, but I don't feel the need to repeat them.

Overall people are nice and we are not surprised by the attention we receive. More often than not it entertains us. People watching has never been so much fun.

Hmm, I guess his hands are kind of full.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)


  1. LOL - I love your commentary on the comments ... I'm so sorry, it really must get old. I really can't get over how most people behave these days and why they think their actions are appropriate!

    I'm glad you guys can poke fun at it - and I hope you enjoyed the zoo!

  2. You had me laughing out loud Lisa!! It is good that you can take everything with a grain of salt, for the most part, but I am sure it gets old. I am not sure how you respond to stupid people these days. I am at a loss...

    All I can say when I see your lovely family is that you are blessed!! And we are too to know you.

    Love the photo of Cody with the boys. And Parker's smile is priceless!