Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo update

We take most of our pictures with a DSLR in RAW format. The upside is we get some very high quality photos, and since the nursery can be a little low light it's easy to recover some of the details we would lose. The downside is it takes time for Cody to process all of the images, so there is usually a delay in being able to post any of them and they are done in bunches, so here are some highlights of the last 2 weeks.

First their 4 month old picture:

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

Since the weather is starting to show signs that it will stop being too warm to be comfortable, we've started taking the boys outside in the evenings. They seem to enjoy looking at the trees and the sky.

(Parker, Nicholas)


Everyone agrees that the boys look just like Cody, but I think we know where they got their hair color and complexion from (sorry for my lack of fixed hair - I seem to be a little busy these days).

(Andrew, Parker)

We are starting early on getting the boys to look at the camera to have their picture taken.




In addition to taking a lot of pictures, we are trying to get more video of the boys as well. I've said before that Andrew was our biggest spitter and here he proves it.

In the last week Andrew and Parker have learned to blow raspberries and if you hold them facing each other they will sometimes jabber, smile and blow raspberries at each other. We are trying to catch that on video. It's time though to buy an actual video camera, right now we are using our point and shoot camera for video.

Because I love seeing photos on other blogs and I think I have the 3 cutest babies I've ever seen here are a bunch of other pictures.

Here is Andrew:







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  1. Beautiful photos Lisa. They are wonderful!! Your handsome little men are three of the four cutest little guys I have ever seen (I can't forget my little sweetheart!!)

    I love the raspberry blowing story. My William loves to blow raspberries at anyone who is around and it never fails to make me smile