Thursday, August 13, 2009

Keeping the schedule

We've been able to keep the boys on a schedule for a few weeks now and it is making life much easier. Except for the handful of times when the boys were late getting to bed due to bath night, visitors or just getting home later than planned.

Each time we've missed bedtime we've been rewarded with a morning of very fussy babies and a very tired Mom. Ideally we won't have too many additional nights where the boys get to bed late. This next week it should be easy enough to maintain bedtime, but the daytime schedule will be hard.

I have two Dr appointments in the next week and the boys have their 4 month well baby check up. First appointment is tonight, my second visit to physical therapy to try and re-align my hips and correct my separated symphysis. Hopefully I'll be back to normal before too long.

I'm looking forward to the boys check-up tomorrow. I think Parker is over 12 lbs and Andrew pretty close to him. Nicholas is still smaller than his brothers but catching up. It's amazing how quickly the days are going by (16 weeks old already) and how fast the boys are growing. Today I cleared the last of the 0-3 month sized clothing out of their closet. There are some outfits I'm really going to miss, like their baseball outfits. Which are not only very cute, but lightweight for the summer and snap down the front so they are super easy to change the boys in.


At almost 4 months old, I'm hoping that puts the boys 1 month closer to sleeping through the night. With the 3 hour feeding schedule still in tact I'm up at least once sometimes twice a night. Every so often I'll get 4.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep and I feel like a new person the next day. I could get used to that feeling. I never thought I'd be excited about so little sleep, but as everything else has changed why not my sleep habits too.

The only challenge with tomorrow's check up is that it is right at the start of nap time. Hopefully the boys will be okay with a short nap before and after the appointment. If not the evening will be difficult. Of course with immunizations tomorrow it may be a rough night no matter what we do.

Finally the last appointment is also for me. I have a follow up with my gastroenterologist for my Crohn's disease which flared up (as expected) about a month postpartum. The fun part is I have to take the boys with me to the appointment. I've taken them before and the only hard part is navigating the stroller through narrow hallways and into small exam rooms.

In future weeks I'm planning on trying to spread appointments out more. If not well I continue to learn what happens when I don't follow the boys schedule.


  1. They're getting so big! 16 weeks already! I had one outfit (jammies, actually) I couldn't bear to part with, so I bought it in 0-3, 3-6 and 6-9 months old. The company didn't make it any bigger otherwise he'd still be in it!
    Good luck with the appointments. :)

  2. I completely agree... sticking to the schedule is soooooo key!!! For us, the most challenging month is the one that you are in, as we had a hard time sleep training all of our boys (right at the end of round one they all got sick so we had to start over, ugh!). BUT the reward has truly paid off... for the last year it has been rare that I had to get up with them in the middle of the night. Now they are all 12 hour a night sleepers.... Good luck, and beleive me it's worth it in the longrun!!!