Sunday, August 16, 2009

The horrific years ahead

This weekend was very busy, we were home only long enough to restock the diaper bag and do a feeding or drop off purchases.

Saturday we slept in a little, well not really sleeping but didn't get out of the house until the afternoon. Then it was time to shop. We went grocery shopping, went to buy some gifts for a friend and shopping for clothes for me. The boys were great and we got home just in time to put the boys down for the night.

Gift shopping was at the Gateway Mall. With such nice weather we took our time wandering around. I could have spent all afternoon people watching. After picking out the gifts we came for we headed home for feeding time. With the boys fed we headed out again, this time for Kohls.

Kohl's was having a sale and we had an additional 15% off coupon so I started rebuilding my wardrobe. Until my pelvis is healed or back to something more normal (or at least pain free) it's going to be very hard to get back to my pre-pregnancy clothes and I can't keep wearing the same outfits. I got a good start on a new wardrobe, but forgot to check for some new onsies for the boys.

We have a fair number of Gerber brand onesies for the boys in 3-6 month size, but the boys are too long to wear them. The 6-9 month are way too big so hopefully we can find another brand that is longer in the body.

Sunday morning we got out early to go to the zoo. We have an annual pass to the zoo, so we go a lot. It was perfect weather and fairly crowded. We had a good time, but I had my first forgetful moment of the day. I forgot to put burp cloth towels in the diaper bag, so we had to improvise. We used the super absorbant liners from the extra diapers I'd packed. Thank goodness we use cloth diapers, I don't think we could have tucked disposable diapers under their chins without getting some very strange looks. After about 3 hours it was time to head home and finish the rest of our errands.

We got home from the zoo, staying home just long enough to feed the boys before heading out to Costco. Stocked up on the essentials and we met a triplet. While walking through the store a woman stopped us to see the boys. She commented that one of the kids in her cart was a triplet (the others were not with them) and made a point to let us know that we were in for some horrific years. I guess that explains why she only had one of the triplets, I have to assume she was Grandma. So, we considered ourselves warned and were in shock that she made the statement in front of the "horrific" triplet.

We hurried home to put away our purchases without unloading the boys then headed for dinner with Cody's family. When we were unloading the car I discovered forgetful moment of the day number 2. I left the boys bottles on the kitchen counter.

That was the first time I'd ever forgotten their already made bottles. I had my pump and containers, but without nipples that would fit the bottles we couldn't stay. I Needless to say from here on out I will have at least a couple of nipples in the diaper bag. That and I will be posting a check list of what I need to take with me when we go out. I should know everything, but I think sleep deprivation and being rushed finally got the best of me.

That sums up the weekend festivities, next weekend we plan to go Red Butte Gardens with the Utah Photowalking group. Speaking of phots, here is the boys 15 weeks old photo.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)


  1. Have you ever tryed the Carters brand of onesies? My little one has the same problem as your boys but the carters brand seem to fit them the best and for the longest. Your boys look great!! I wish I could say that once you get more sleep you will remember everything you need when you go out but I can't. Thanks for all the fun updates
    Kristine Dukes

  2. I haven't tried the Carters yet, but I'll give it a shot. I guess it's no surprise that the boys are running a little on the tall size.

  3. Carter's are all my nephew could wear, because he was always so long. Now his little sister (2 months old) Is the same way, and they have found either carters, or the target brand fits the best.

  4. LOL, I was going to suggest Carter's too! We have a Carter's store here in Ontario now and it is great, but they carry some at Bonnie Togs to. I also absolutely love the brand carried by Costco at times. The name starts with a P, but I forget the rest. Wait, I have a sleeper right here. It is Pekkle. I just love, love, love their sleepers and onsies.

    Man, they are getting long!!

  5. You need onesie extenders! Little bits of fabric with snaps that make onesies about five inches longer. They fit about five different brands. We used them all the time since mine was a skinny-minnie and outgrew length long before width.