Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to school time

Schools are back in session and while no one in our house is taking any classes, this time of year always reminds me of when Cody and I first met. We met in Mr. Holbrook's Earth Science class on our first day of 9th grade. It was my first day at a new school and he was one of the first friends I made.

Even now we joke about our first conversation. We ended up having three classes together that semester, so we had time to chat in between 6th and 7th periods since we had the same teacher in the same room. Our first conversation was about who was the most accident prone. Cody having had the misfortune of having both arms in casts at the same time (broken a few weeks apart) was pretty sure it was him. Normally that would qualify as a clear victory, but not this time.

It had been 11 months since my last (and 6th) broken arm. It was an open fracture of both bones (trampoline is bad) that required two plates and 10 screws to fix. Eventually I had 5 separate operations on my arm to get it as back to as normal as possible. It had also been only a month since my last hospital stay. I blacked out riding my bike home from work and fractured my skull. You can bet that I always wear a helmet now.

It was an odd way to get to know each other, but apparently it worked. We became good friends and eventually started dating. We dated through high school and college. College was especially challenging as we went to different colleges for the first two years. Our schools were 125 miles apart. Needless to say we put a lot of miles on our cars those years. After finishing my associate's, I transferred to the University of Utah with Cody.

We finished school, got real jobs and then finally got married (planned in that order) on April 10, 2004. I was unable to find a digital photo of us together in high school or really any really old ones. We have pictures but it was pre-digital camera so the best I could do is my favorite picture from our wedding.

We've been through a lot together (hello awkward teen years) and are still best friends.


  1. And I bet Cody STILL doesn't do his own laundry....

  2. What a great story Lisa. You guys have both been through the ringer though! I love your photo to!