Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another big picture update

Yesterday I went to the farmer's market to get some fresh fruit and just get out of the house. So of course it was really windy, but that helped cool it down. I'm so excited for the forecast in the 70s for the next couple days, bring on the fall weather already.

Anyway Cody just finished processing all of the week 13 photos, the candid shots and photo shoot so I thought I'd start sharing them.

First the official 13 weeks old photo (diapers in their assigned colors):

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

We had some fun with the boys and couldn't resist a doing a "bottoms up" shot:

The boys are not always big fans of tummy time so we quickly turned them all over it resulted in this:

We also did a bunch of individual pictures and got them dressed for another round of photos:

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

We've also taken a bunch (by bunch I mean at least a hundred or so) of candid shots. I thought I'd share a few favorites.

First up Andrew:

Just hanging out waiting for a diaper change.

A boy and his cat.

Finally a happy little boy.

Parker's turn:

I won't worry unless he gets his whole fist in his mouth.

The saddest baby ever.

Last but not least Nicholas:

This just screams cuddle me.

Entranced by the mobile.

Smiling for Daddy.

And here is bedtime in the boys room.

That sound you're not hearing is the sound of batteries dying.


  1. goodness me, they're cute boys! and they're actually making me nostalgic for that age. perish the thought! :)

  2. All just absolutely lovely and I the one of the boys after tummy time is priceless!! My fav is first of Nicholas needing a cuddle. That is a keeper, the photo as well as the boy!!