Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 months old

Yesterday our boys turned 4 months old. It's amazing how quickly time has gone by and how much the boys have changed. Not just how much they've grown but everything about them. I'm happy to say they are still not on formula, the goal is to keep it that way for a few more months at least.

Andrew was 5 lbs 4 oz, now he's nearly 12.5 lbs. At each feeding it was a challenge to have him eat 20 ml per feeding. Currently he chugging 5.5 to 6 ounces, still every 3 hours. Andrew smiles the most out of the boys or at least it's easier to get him to grin at you.

Parker was 5 lbs 10 oz at birth, now he's also about 12.5 lbs and is also taking 5.5 to 6 ounces each feeding. He loves his mobile and will just lay there looking and jabbering at it. He has the best head control and is very close to rolling over from front to back on his own. He just hasn't figured out what to do with his arm to make it around.

Nicholas was our little guy at 4 lbs 13 oz, now at just under 12 lbs he's still our little guy. He's eating 4.5 to 5 ounces at each feeding. Nick pulls the funniest faces and has a cute little grin or he'll smile so big you can see his dimples.

All of the boys "talk" to us now and kick wildly when they are excited. They are starting to reach for their car seat toys and just Saturday Parker was able to maneuver a toy in his hand into his mouth. It's so much fun to watch them change and grow each day. As much fun as they are right now, I'm hoping it will be less than a month until they sleep through the night. We are getting closer, they will sleep nearly 5 hours between night time feedings. Just a few more hours and I'll call it good.

With the boys being 4 months old now we are going to stop doing the weekly portraits. Still taking a lot of pictures, but now we'll do monthly shots. We tried to do their 4 month shot tonight, but they weren't being very cooperative as a group. We did manage a few good individual shots, though.




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  1. Wow, they are all doing so well in the eating and weight gain department. That is awesome. Handsome as ever to!!