Friday, August 14, 2009

16 week/4 month well baby check up

The boys had their appointment today and everyone is doing great. We were at the doctor's office for two hours. Here are the boys current stats:

Weight -12 lbs 4 oz - 30th percentile
Length - 24.5 inches - 50th percentile
Head - 16 inches - 25th percentile

Weight 12 lbs 2 oz - 25th percentile
Length 23.5 inches (I don't think this one is correct) - 25th percentile
Head - 16 inches - 25th percentile

Weight - 11 lbs 7 oz -10th percentile
Length - 22.75 inches - 10th percentile
Head - 16.25 inches - 30th percentile

To me they seem huge considering they were 5 weeks early, if we went by adjusted age they would range from the 50th to 80th percentile on everything. The important thing is they are all gaining weight and growing at a constant rate.

The only thing we have to watch and work on is getting the boys to look left. They all favor lying on the right side of their heads and looking to the right. So we'll be helping them stretch there neck muscles and encouraging them to look the other way with toys and crib soother placement.

That's two appointments down (physical therapy was oodles of fun yesterday) and one to go.

Because I don't like photo-less posts:

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)


  1. so cute! and i think you can save your money on the DNA test. seriously. (yeah, i'm always trying to get new recruits to the ID-BBB club. what can i say?)

  2. Love the photo!! There stats look wonderful! They really do. My William, now almost six months is at the 40th percentile, give or take, in everything. I worried at first, but his older sister,now six, was failure to thrive at this age. I have learned to take it all with a grain of salt and be happy with what we have.