Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No More Newborns

The boys have officially grown out of all of the newborn clothing we had. It was kind of sad removing all of the too small clothing from the closet. I can't complain since we got two months of use out of it, which is much more time than most babies spend in the newborn size.

Parker, Nicholas, Andrew in a set of 0-3 month outfits (two weeks ago)

Now we've moved into 0 - 3 month clothing and I've learned something interesting. The size printed on the label of baby clothes is similar to the sizes on women's clothing. It's not really a size but more of a guideline. Meaning the size printed on the label often has no relation to the size of the article of clothing. We have 0 - 3 month sized clothing that is smaller than newborn and some that is just as large as the 3 - 6 month items. My favorite example of this is a set of outfits we bought the day we found out we were having boys.

We looked at many stores to find three coordinating, but not identical outfits for the boys. We found a set of brown and blue teddy bear themed outfits. One set has a onesie and pants, one has a shirt, pants and sleeveless hoodie, and the final outfit is a onesie with overalls. Both onesies barely fit Andrew and Parker, but the overalls are so large they drown Parker (who is the largest). The shirt and pant set is also larger than the onsies. Since they are the same brand and matching outfits shouldn't they be the same relative sizes? I'm guessing they will have outgrown the onesies by next week, but the overalls will fit for another month.

While I'm on the subject of clothing, I'm very proud of myself for getting a great deal on some clothes for the boys. At a local thrift store I bought 6 pairs of overalls 3 in 0 - 3 month and 3 in 3 - 6 month sizes, for $15. I was curious so I checked online what they would have cost new and it would have been around $130. I put the boys in them for the first time yesterday and they are adorable. I'll have to post some pictures later.

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  1. Hi! I read your blog for the first time today after reading another triplet mom blog. I have triplet boys who just turned 13 months and have a ton of matching and coordinating outfits. If you would be interested in seeing any of the outfits, just send me an email at lsdphotos@gmail.com and I will send you some photos.