Friday, July 24, 2009

Hobbies and some really cool pictures

Before we had the boys we had a lot more time to enjoy our hobbies. As the boys are getting on a schedule and we adjust to it we are getting a little time to start enjoying them again. Well, some of them at least. I don't know about snowboarding this season yet.

Last night was my knitting night. Thursday night has been my knitting night for a few years now. I go to a local yarn shop and spend a couple hours with the gals and guys there. It's a very entertaining group with a eclectic bunch of people. I usually do more laughing and talking then actual knitting, but that is just fine. I could knit at home alone but it's the company I go for and the occasional help on a project. Since the boys were born, I have been working on a dishcloth. A simple project that I don't need a pattern for. Dishcloths are great, simple to make and perfect for learning a new technique. In fact I have some lovely cabled dishcloths from when I was learning to do cables, great for scrubbing pans.

Last night I went knitting while Cody put the boys down for the night and set up his photo gear. Cody has been interested in photography for a very long time and slowly built up his gear.

I won't even pretend to be able to tell you which lens is which! He also has a few flashes and umbrellas we use for taking portraits. I'm really glad he bought all the gear pre-pregnancy not only because of the cost but also so he can take some great photos of our boys.

Last night he decided to try some water droplet shots. He was inspired by an episode of Time Warp we watched recently. There isn't a picture of the set up he used to take the pictures, mainly because the kitchen still looks like baby store disaster.

The colors and patterns being reflected were changed by changing the background that the flashes were pointed at.

In front of a Sketchers bag.

In front of a red shirt with blue stripes.

In front of a Target bag.

Finally in front of a blouse of mine.

I think they turned out really well, he plans to try again to get some water droplets colliding and put a colored item above the water as well to get a second color reflecting.

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