Sunday, July 19, 2009

A bunch of pictures

I've been really behind on getting pictures posted so I'm just going to post pictures from the last few weeks.

From 10 weeks old:

My second cousins were in the neighborhood and stopped by to meet the boys.

(Susan with Parker, Gayle with Nicholas, Sharon with Andrew)

We introduced the boys to the Bumbos.

(Nicholas, Andrew)

From 11 weeks old:

The "official" 11 weeks old photo shoot. See the arched eyebrow and tilted head on Nicholas? That is a Cody look.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

Just hanging out on the couch. I love how cute the overalls are on the boys.

(Andrew, Parker)

Getting ready for bath time modeling their Fuzzi Bunz.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

From 12 weeks old:

The "official" 12 weeks old photo.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

Sneaking into the pictures is Leo. You never notice just how big our cat is until you have something to compare him to.

Finally the first smiles we've been able to get on camera.



We are still trying to get Nicholas to smile for the camera.


  1. your boys are freaking adorable! and weren't you going to get them DNA tested? i thought i read that somewhere. they all look identical, but who knows? the answer will seem so obvious after you have them tested (if you do.) before we had our boys tested, i wasn't sure, but after it was confirmed, i was thinking, "duh, they look exactly alike!"

    anyway, no matter what, they're cutie patooties!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! The boys are just adorable little men. I agree with the overalls. I love how they look on my little William and yours look sweet!

    How are Mom and Dad doing?


  3. Mom and Dad are doing great.

  4. Hey I just ran across your blog. I have identical twin boys... can't IMAGINE identical triplets. And you are cloth diapering.. kudos to you :) We just got our first cloth diapers last week (our boys are 19 months old). But I was really feeling guilty about all the waste.