Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We are a travelling show

We've had a busy week. Last Friday was Cody's down Friday so we decided to go out with the boys and attempt a feeding outside of the house.

There were some items we needed to return to Babies R Us and pick up some Hydra-Gel soothing pads (which are in my top 10 favorite things right now). It was feeding time right as we arrived at the store. After debating on feeding in the van or using the mother's room in the store we decided to head into the store since it was windy and looked like it was going to get worse.

We entered the mother's room and were hit by a truly horrible smell. It was the smell of a diaper pail that probably had never been cleaned or changed in weeks. Despite the weather we strongly considered going back to the car.

Since we were already in the room we decided to just feed quickly and get out. Cody went to warm the bottles in the men's room giving me time to get a better look around the room. The first thing I noticed was one of the wall hangings crookedly hanging over a changing table and the clock. According to the clock it was 2:00:32 which was the time when the clock broke or the battery died (it was really closer to 6:30).

We fed the boys being careful not to touch anything in the room and left as quickly as possible. We spent some time wandering the store and picking up a few things we planned on getting and of course a few other things.

One thing Cody spotted was a book called "You're All My Favorites" a book about 3 bear cubs worrying about being their parents favorites. We couldn't pass it up. It's a very cute book and one with a great lesson.

We had the usual responses to the boys and the stroller. Lots of smiles and a bit of shock. We've notice that we have become a counting lesson to all families with small children. We hear it all the time "Look they have three babies, 1-2-3"

After BRU we ran over to the mall since we were not ready to go home and wanted to check if we could find some pants for Cody. Something I find really entertaining is watching peoples faces as they notice we have triplets. When people walk past they don't usually don't realize just how big the stroller is until they are walking next to it. There is a lot of stopping and turning with a few double takes.

There are also the usual questions: "Are they triplets?" "Did you have to order that stroller?" "Are they identical?" "Are they natural?" When I ran into a store to buy some hair clips Cody gathered such a crowd at the door I suggested putting down a hat and taking tips.

I'm sure at some point we'll be tired of the constant questions and gawking. At that time we'll use a single and a double stroller when we go out together. It's Utah, a lot of families have multiple stroller aged children so we probably won't attract so much attention. For now I'm still finding it entertaining.


  1. Hi Lease-I followed over from the Dis.

    Maybe you should just have little cards printed up with answers to the top questions, and then you could just hand them out when people ask!

  2. I've thought about it, just a business card that says:

    Yes they are triplets, all boys.
    Two identical, one fraternal.
    Thank you for your interest!

    It would sure save time.

  3. Good for you guys with the first "away" feeding. I dreaded it with one, so with three you are superstars!!!

    How are you feeling these days Lisa?