Monday, June 15, 2009

Our first photo shoot

Saturday we attempted to do a photo shoot with the boys. The plan was to place the boys in a basket on a sheepskin rug in just their diapers to get a picture of all three snuggled together. That was the plan what actually happened did not go so smoothly.

The first attempt the boys had been awake for about 5 hours and we were coming up on feeding time. The boys had just had a bath and were freshly diapered. One at a time we carefully set them in the basket and attempted to get a picture of our sweet little angels snuggling together.

Here is one of my favorite shots that we captured. It's a keeper because it is the perfect example of what we have going on at our house. Parker is fairly calm, Andrew is starting to get upset, and Nicholas is beyond upset. We tried soothing the boys and putting them back in the basket, but they were done. We'll try again later.

We were able to get some nice shots of Parker while he was alone in the basket.

Eventually we'll get a shot of all 3 somewhat calm. It's just going to take a lot of attempts. We thought about hiring a photographer for help with ideas on pictures and for props, but if they charge by the hour there would be no guarantee of getting any good shots without costing us a small fortune.

I'm happy with the set up we have and I'm sure we'll come up with some other poses to try.


  1. beautiful boys! how have i not found your blog yet? i have a similar picture (basket with furry thing) of my boys at about that same age. :)

  2. What a riot!! This picture, although not what you indended, is the perfect keepsake for when the boys are older!! I love it. They are getting to be so big. Where does the time go?

    Hope you and Cody and keeping well Lisa. There is a small parcel on it's way to you guys from us folks here in Canada. I hope you like everything!


  3. Hi Lease!!! Hello Code and N.A.P. Love the pictures!!! Take care always.