Friday, May 8, 2009

Two weeks old..

The boys are two weeks old today. Time has passed in spurts; some days seem to fly by while others are dragging. The boys are still in the hospital, but have made some big strides towards coming home.

On Wednesday night they switched from automatically tube feeding every other feed to trying to bottle feed each feeding. Parker took all of his feeds by bottle through the night and has continued to. Andrew took all but half of one feed by bottle in the night. Nicholas had one feeding by tube, but took the bottle for the rest.

It seems like something has clicked and they are starting to get the eating thing down. It has us cautiously excited that they will be home in the next little while. The nurses still won’t give us an idea of when they may come home, but we’ll take this as a step in the right direction.

Thursday afternoon, Andrew managed to pull out his feeding tube. They decided to leave it out as long as he continued to take all of his feedings. By this afternoon all of the boys had their feeding tubes out and are taking everything by bottle. They’ve “turned the corner” as one nurse put it and are in the home stretch.

One of the pediatricians asked us about their homecoming and if we prefer to take them one at a time as they are ready or wait for everyone to come home at once. I’m taking this as a sign that they could be home in the next week.

It will be wonderful to have them home, even with the expected sleep deprivation.

We also had a chance this week to take our first family photo. I'm sure we'll have many others, but it's nice to finally have one.

I also had a chance to hold all three of my boys at the same time since they were born.

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  1. You look great lis!!!! I'm glad the boys are doing well. If you think learning to eat is rough wait until potty training :) What a blessing to have 3 healthy boys and a great husband to raise them with. I wish you nothing but the best!