Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things we've noticed about the boys

The boys are still a bit too young for their personalities to help us tell them apart, but we've noticed a few things about each of them.

Andrew is the spittiest of the boys, both in distance and volume. Doesn't matter if he's eaten formula or milk, we have a towel on hand. After being swaddled he has the most entertaining look on his face. He'll be crying right up until the last side of the blanket is tucked under, then immediately changes to a look that says "Why are you looking at me like that?" The crying stops immediately, often mid-wail.

Parker is our crier. When it's not feeding time and all diapers have been changed, if a baby is crying it's usually Parker. He also has the most distinctive cry. His cry has a high pitched shriek that is cringe worthy. He also is able to move around the crib the most. Even when tightly swaddled, he is somehow able to move around often ending up right next to Andrew or Nicholas. We've gone in the room to find him nose to nose with Andrew or with his head tucked under Nicholas' chin.

Nicholas is the most relaxed or easy going so far. While he can cry and does when hungry, he is often content just look around the room, watch the mobile or just look at mine or Daddy's faces. He also was the first and the most consistent at holding his pacifier in his mouth (when not swaddled).

I really look forward to watching their personalities develop and getting to know them.

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