Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 1 going solo

Cody went back to work today so I was on my own. It went really well. To ensure Cody gets enough sleep to function at work I took the midnight and 3 am feedings and he took the 6 am feeding before going to work.

Everything went fairly smoothly except for my attempt to dress the boys in cute outfits ie something more than a onsie to send a picture to Dad. Like the outfits we dressed and posed them in over the weekend. After feeding I found a set of 3 outfits pulled them off the hangers and had them ready to dress. It was then I noticed they were sized 3 month. So, I put everything back on the hangers and in the closet. Then I pulled out three more onsie with matching pants sets. I had Andrew in the first onsie (sized newborn) and put the pants on him (sized 3 months), it wasn't going to work. At this point the boys were done with not being swaddled. Pants went back in the closet and we had another day just in onsies. Tomorrow I'll need to go through the closet and find out what size everything is. I should already know, but I was in the hospital when everything was washed and put away.

I'm pretty confident that I have the boys schedule managed and can handle the feedings/changings/entertainment the only downside is nothing else gets done. After making bottles which includes pumping to make the bottles, feeding and getting everyone settled back down I have an hour and a half to nap or shower before the process starts over. With luck as my incision heals I'll be able to throw laundry and other cleaning tasks into the mix, but right now just trekking up and down the stairs is wearing me out.


  1. Lisa, you are doing an amazing job!! Don't worry about the boys being in onesies for the day. My son is three and a half months old now and he spends his home time in a sleeper. I just started to dress him in real clothes when we go out about two weeks ago. I think babies look too cute in sleepers so that is what I put him in. However, you little tykes look adorable in their dress up photo above!!

  2. I only have two and I remember those days...
    Pumping to feed them and then feeding them and then changing them (We do cloth as well) and entertaining them and then thinking maybe I might get ONE thing done in the house...
    Such an adjustment when my husband went back to work, and I only have twins!