Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Mother's day gift

Today was my first Mother's Day and I got exactly what I wanted. The boys came home Saturday night. I was really dreading spending Mother's Day at the hospital. While I feel incredibly lucky that the boys are all healthy it just didn't seem like I was really their Mom yet. It sounds silly, but it's really hard to know that someone else is taking care of your babies while you are just visiting.

Our first night with the boys at home went really well. It takes the two of us 45 minutes to change and feed all three then we can go right back to bed for just over 2 hours of sleep. As long as week can keep they on the same 3 hour feeding schedule we should be able to make it work. That isn't to say sleep deprivation won't hit hard in a couple days, but right now it seems completely doable.

It is amazing to see the boys sleeping side by side by side in their crib. No more tubes or sensors just healthy little boys. They have been taking all of their feeds with out to much fuss. Only Nicholas is a little slow to take the whole bottle, but he's picking up speed (or at least seems to be).

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