Wednesday, April 8, 2009

32 weeks 5 days

Last night was a very rough night, letting me sleep only about 2 hours and today has been so busy with different doctors visiting and monitoring the babies that napping wasn't much of an option. Hopefully tonight I'll sleep.
While I've been here Cody has been really busy taking care of everything at home. Yesterday he got our home refinancing paper work in which will save us a lot of money. He went to Babies R' Us alone and got the last of the what we need items. Today he bought a minivan. I think at this point we are as prepared for the boys as we can be.
On Monday my doctor predicted I would have 7 days at most until delivery. I think I'd be okay with next Monday, I'd still love to make it to 34 weeks but we'll see. Still hoping to dodge the 10th so we don't have to share our anniversary and skip Easter as well. So the boys will just need to cool their jets until next week :)

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