Thursday, December 31, 2009

Batteries not necessary and other things we learned over the holidays

This was our first holiday season with the boys we had a lot of fun and learned a few things. The best part of the holidays (I think) is getting to see family that we don't often see. This year we decided to skip all of the holiday parties due to RSV and flu season at our pediatrician's recommendation. Even though we didn't go to any parties the boys had the chance to meet my Great Aunt Marion who was in town from Illinois and again see my second cousins.
It was a nice visit. The boys were their usual calm and happy selves. I keep reading that boys should be reaching a stage where they only want mom and dad and have a fear of strangers, but we haven't seen any signs of that yet. They were happy to be held by everyone. As usual we took a fair number of pictures but we don't have any of the holiday photos processed yet. Hopefully I'll have a ton of photos to share in the next week.
Christmas eve we went to the traditional dinner at Cody's parents. We had a good time and the boys seem to as well. At one point Andrew was passing (kicking and batting) a toy car back and forth with his cousin, it was very cute and he kept giggling. I guess we should get them some cars to play with. The boys got the traditional gift for the boys of pajamas for Christmas eve. I didn't wrap them since I had already washed them so they would be able to wear them. Instead of the usual footy pjs or sleep sacks I bought the boys pjs that were a pant and shirt set. They made the boys looks so much like little boys and not babies.
Christmas morning I got up and fed the boys their morning bottle at 7 and went about the normal routine until almost 9. Then it was time to see what Santa brought the boys. Santa didn't wrap any of the boys gifts, but the packaging was more than enough to get open.
I can't believe the packaging for kids toys, they are almost parent proof. One of the packages even stated that wire cutters were required to open the package. Once we were able to wrestle the toys from the dozens of twist ties, we very quickly learned that the boys were terrified of any toys that moved. They are okay with lights and sounds, but once it moves that's it. It was  decided that we would be leaving toys turned off or without batteries for the time being.
There wasn't much time to play as we had a fair number of stops to make during the day. We visited Cody's grandparents, my mom, and finally went to Cody's parents. The boys made out like bandits with tons of new toys and clothes. Our big gift for this year was a Kidco Configure Gate and 4 extensions. Which is now set up giving the boys a playroom and us some piece of mind especially with how mobile the boys are now. 
On Christmas we went off the boys schedule, I felt so bad. The boys didn't get a good nap and were up way too late. They were fussy and so exhausted by the time we got them in bed. Luckily they boys are usually kept on such a solid napping schedule it only took a day to get them back on it. Next year hopefully they'll be old enough to handle going off schedule for the one day without any of the inconsolable crying.
Overall Christmas was nice, but we learned that we really need to stick to the schedule, toys that move are scary, and the boys would rather eat wrapping paper then rip it off of boxes.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

This is our card for this year. We are officially ready for the holiday, tree was repaired, gifts wrapped and we’re ready to visit family.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Teething continues

Last night Andrew was fussier that usual at bedtime. By fussy I mean screaming and by usual I mean he never does that. The only time he has ever been fussy at night was when he cut first two teeth. So, we decided to do a tooth check. Cody and I have very different methods for checking for new teeth.
I use the “feel” method, so I felt around Andrew’s gums and was pretty sure I felt a tooth coming in. It is his top left tooth. Cody’s method involves a very small LED flashlight shined in the boys mouth with which he was able to confirm Andrew’s top left tooth is coming in.
With confirming Andrew was cutting a new tooth we decided to check Parker and Nicholas. Sure enough everyone is cutting their upper left tooth. I’m not sure if all identicals teeth the way our boys have, but it would make sense. Today I made sure the boys had plenty of chilled teethers and bibs since drool is at an all time high.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I love when they giggle

Some video from last Thursday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The cat who flooded Christmas

This morning, my cat Willow (who has never been considered graceful) broke our Christmas Tree. Our tree is a Bubble Tree, so when it broke, it was quite the sight. It has a acrylic tube for a trunk that is water filled, and it bubbles and changes colors. We put the tree up the weekend after Thanksgiving and have been enjoying it ever since.  It’s a completely non-traditional tree, but we love it. Every year we buy one or two new ornaments, so we only have a dozen or so on the tree. This tree allows us to showcase each one as they hang in front of the tube.

The trunk changes colors and we found a star that does too, hence the triple image.

Anyway.. Willow was jumping off the window sill and didn’t quite clear the branches. I was feeding the boys at the time and watched him get tangled in the second branch from the bottom. The tree made a popping sound as the cat’s weight on one of the supports caused it to break a hole in the trunk, and then I watched 5 feet of water shoot out onto the wall and floor. There was really nothing I could do but grab as many towels as possible to try and sop up the water.

I’m very grateful for three things: 1. The boys and I were not in the splash zone (but had a great view). 2. The front room doesn’t have carpet. 3. Even though a branch collapsed not a single ornament was broken, in fact only one was knocked off the tree and it was the only plastic ornament we have.

Speaking of ornaments, we bought the boys first Christmas ornament over the weekend.

Cody also ordered a personalized ornament that has triplet boys on it that we should receive this week. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the tree fixed, which will probably require buying a new “trunk” before Christmas.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Growth spurt (I hope)

After a couple of weeks of the boys sleeping through the night, last Wednesday I was woken by Andrew crying for a bottle at 3:30am. Parker and Nicholas quickly joined in the screamfest. They all finished a 7.5 ounce bottle and went right back to sleep. This was just the start of the feeding frenzy.

We’ve been feeding on a 4 hour schedule for a couple of months now, but suddenly the boys started demanding a bottle after 3 hours again. Since then, we’ve been feeding every 3 to 3.5 hours in addition to the solid feedings and doing a feeding at 3am.  From what I’ve read (if it’s a growth spurt) it should only last a week tops. Overall, they’ve gone from drinking 28-30 ounces to 38-40 ounces a day.

Maybe this is a foreshadowing of the teen years.

Friday, November 27, 2009

7 months old

This week the boys turned 7 months old. I had a lengthy blog post written with an update of what we’ve been doing over the last two weeks, sadly my computer rebooted and I lost the post. I can’t believe seven months have gone by already.

So the short version, boys are now sleeping 7:30 pm to 7 am! I still have to give a pacifier or two in the night, but it’s still sleeping through the night in my book.

The boys have now been eating solid foods for a month, so far we they are eating rice cereal, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes and pears. I’ve been adding a new item about every 5 days and they seem to really like it.

Last week I got a new toy:

68_9 TRAY 2900

An Excalibur #3900, I’ve wanted a food dehydrator for a very long time.  I’ve been drying fruit all week, I plan to use it to make yogurt for the boys for now. Along with jerky and fruit leather for us. I love that when the boys are old enough I’ll be able to give them healthy snacks.

We haven’t taken the usual monthly picture of the boys yet, there was an attempt, but the boys were not in the mood. We did however get this picture on Monday.

7 months
(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

The challenge was Parker kept scooting backwards and Nick kept rolling onto his back.Still working on 3 smiles, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Teething begins

Last night after many nights of the boys sleeping for at least 10 hours was hard. Andrew started fussing at about 2 am. We fed the boys at 11:45 that night so he couldn’t be hungry already. I gave him is pacifier and rubbed his back for a minute and he went back to sleep. The pattern of fussing and calming continued every 20 to 30 minutes until 6 am. Luckily only a couple times did he wake Nick or Parker who quickly calmed with a pacifier.

At the time I didn’t even think about the possibility of teething, just thought it was an off night. This morning when I was actually awake I wondered if we were starting teething. The boys have been chewing on everything they could get in their mouths for the last week or so. I meant to check and just kept forgetting to all day.

It was a busy day of running errands and we didn’t do a tooth check until right before bedtime. Sure enough Andrew’s two bottom front teeth had broken through. A few minutes later we confirmed everyone’s two bottom teeth had been cut.

It looks like our days of gummy grins are coming to an end.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

DIY studio

We had a little time this evening before baths and bedtime to take some pictures on the seamless white background setup that Cody built in the garage.  Here is the set up:

We definitely need to get some additional light stands but for now the power washer and stepstool seem to be working. He built the setup so we could get shots like this:

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

We also tried to get a picture of everyone on their tummies, but we were only able to capture one before they melted down. We’ll try again for this shot when it’s not so close to bedtime.

I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time taking pictures with various props over the next few weeks (or years). The solid background also gives Cody many options for post processing. We also have a cloth background for taking other portraits. I think it’s exciting that we can take pictures of the boys without having to load up the van and if they are cranky we can always try again later.

Solid foods

Since the pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start solids we jumped right in. Starting with rice cereal the at the beginning of the month it has gone very well. After two weeks of feedings (now 2 solid a day) the boys have learned to be patient in between bites.  We discovered very quickly that we’ll need a feeding table much earlier that I had thought. Right now we are feeding the boys in their bouncy seats.

There are a lot of drawbacks to the bouncy seats for feedings. It takes a lot of towels to support them enough to be sitting upright. It’s really hard on my back to lean over to reach everyone with the spoon. Did I mention the seats are bouncy? The boys kick and more than once a spoon has been hit by a excited arm making a huge mess. We are looking for a table to use to convert into a feeding table.

Even with the challenges of the bouncy feedings the boys are enjoying solids. So far rice cereal has gone over well. Avocado is not a favorite but no one seems to dislike it. Yesterday we introduced bananas. Andrew and Nicholas are okay with them, Parker loved them. We fed bananas again this morning and he was all smiles through the feeding.  Next we’ll introduce sweet potatoes.

We’ve taken a bunch of picture of the boys getting their first tastes of foods, but Cody has been busy building a seamless white background studio set up in the garage and has gotten a little behind on processing pictures. So to avoid a photo-less post here are Andrew and Nicholas enjoying morning floor time.

(Andrew, Nicholas)

If the boys cooperate later today we should be able to do a photo shoot with the new seamless background. With Andrew and Parker able to sit up unassisted now it gives us new photo options. I can’t wait to see what images we can capture.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleeping through the night and please vote for the boys

There is a wide range of what is considered sleeping through the night. Last night the boys slept from 7:30 pm until 4 am, 8.5 hours! I didn’t enjoy the 4 am feeding, but it’s much better than having a 1 am and 5 am feeding. I’m calling it sleeping through the night. I am still setting an alarm to pump every 3 hours, but it’s so much easier to wake up for the 25 minutes to pump instead of the hour it takes to feed and pump.

In addition to the boys sleeping longer between nighttime feedings they have all been really smiley and giggly the last couple days. Nothing melts you heart like walking into a room and having all 3 give you a big gummy grin. We sure are lucky to have such happy little guys.

(Nicholas, Andrew, Parker)

Completely unrelated, we’ve entered a photo of the boys in a Halloween photo contest on the Multiples and More blog. We’ve made the top 40. I assume it will be narrowed to top 20, then 10 and possibly top 5. First prize includes a double stroller, something we’ll be needing next year if we ever want to go out in public without drawing a crowd. If you have a chance please vote, the boys are #10. Voting is simple, click to go to the Multiples and More blog, select #10 on the sidebar and submit. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

6 month well baby check

On Monday I took the boys in for their 6 month well baby check up. They are all doing great! Here are their current stats:

Weight – 16 lbs 4 oz - 30 percentile
Length – 26.25 inches – 45th percentile
Head – 17 inches – 30th percentile

Weight - 15 lbs 14 oz – 20th percentile
Length – 25.75 inches – 30th percentile
Head – 17.25 inches – 45th percentile

Weight – 14 lbs 11 oz – 10th percentile
Length – 24.75 inches – 5th percentile
Head – 17 inches – 30th percentile

Both Andrew and Parker have stayed on their growth curves, Nick has slipped a little, but is still healthy and the pediatrician isn’t worried about it. Andrew and Parker are no longer on medication for reflux (yay!)  This means no more regular weight checks to adjust the dosage.

Nicholas will continue on his meds for now and started physical therapy yesterday. All of the boys favor looking to their left, but Nicholas really doesn’t look to the right without a lot of encouragement and tends to hold his head at an angle. The therapist was very optimistic that it will only take 3 or 4 visits to check progress and I was given some stretches to do with him 5 or 6 times a day.

Also at the appointment we were given the green light to start solid foods. We started with rice cereal and the boys seem to like it. They cry when it takes too long for the spoon to get back to them.  Hopefully (like the first bottle feedings) it will only take a week or two for them to learn to be patient. The plan is to do homemade baby food so I’ve been reading Super Baby Food. The book is great, it covers everything from how to prepare and store foods to serving sizes and daily food charts. Foods are listed by month as to what is recommended to introduce. I think we’ll be trying avocado next. I’m going to stay fairly conservative with what foods we are feeding to start with taking their adjusted age into account.

The last topic of discussion for the appointment was RSV and the flu. As was expected, I was told to keep the boys away from crowds, school aged children, children in daycare and anyone who has been sick or exposed to someone that has been sick. Like many parents of preemies, it looks like we’ll be doing a seasonal lockdown. Staying in all the time will not be fun, but I think 3 sick babies would be much much worse. 

Staying in won’t be to bad, look how much fun the boys are having:tummy time
(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

Looking at this picture you can almost see Andrew plotting getting his hands on the camera as soon as he figures out how to crawl.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The boys first Halloween

We spent a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect costumes for the boys. Taking the idea from the gifts sent to the boys from the Bearmans and running with it, I give you our troop of sock monkeys.




Of course we also have a group shot.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

Some friends came by to Trick-or-Treat with us, so we walked the boys around the neighborhood for a little while. We didn’t collect any candy in fact we (okay me) over bought this year. The last few kids to come to our door each received a hearty handful of chocolate.

Here we are in the neighborhood, I love that the costumes even have tails. I guessing it will not get easier to get the boys to all look at the camera for quickly posed shots anytime soon.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thump, thump, thump

The last few nights we have heard a steady rhythm of thumping coming from the boys’ room. No one was crying or fussing, just a continuous sound. I assumed that it was one of the boys kicking his mattress. Cody went in an checked only to find Parker had turned 90 degrees in his crib and was kicking the button on his soother to turn it on and off.

I’m used to Nicholas turning his soother on by simply reaching up and pushing the button. It’s been wonderful!  Instead of him freaking out at when he wakes up, he turns it on and “talks” to it. Parker, it seems, is not content to talk to his soother. Instead he likes to turn it on and off over and over again using the two footed slam. As long as he doesn’t wake his brothers, I’m happy he found a way to put himself back to sleep in the middle of the night.  I tried to get some video of him doing it this afternoon, but he stopped and became interested in me holding the camera.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monthly photo

Here is the boys 6 month photo. Cody has figured out how to get smiles from everyone at the same time.

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 months old

As of yesterday the boys are six months old. Their 6 month well baby check up had to be rescheduled due to the boys pediatrician going on bed rest (something I can empathize with), but even without the appointment I still took the boys in for a weight check.  We rescheduled their check up for November 2nd.

Andrew is now 15 lbs 11 oz, Parker 15 lbs 8 oz and Nicholas 14 lbs 2 oz. That means Andrew has nearly tripled his birth weight and Parker is keeping pace with him. Nicholas is still smaller but growing. Everyone is now wearing 9 month sized clothing and about to move to 12 month.

We spent Sunday evening at a family Halloween party. The boys were absolutely adorable in their costumes. We still have a few more people to surprise with what the boys are this year, so I’m waiting to post those pictures.

Instead here are some more random photos. First the boys in their regular gyms.

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

Andrew just looking cute in his jacket on our way out.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Random pictures

A post about cloth diapering is just waiting for editing, so in the mean time here are some recent photos.

My niece met the boys a couple weeks ago. At 5 years old she has decided that she never wants to have babies because she “could have three at the same time” and “that’s a lot of babies.”

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

Here are the boys in what we call emergency screen time. The boys have rarely seen TV or any video, so when they are melting down nothing calms them faster then being shown a video. They literally go from screaming bloody murder to calm focused children in about 2 seconds.

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

Tummy time is a daily event at our house and I’m proud to announce that Nicholas is no longer the face plant king. He isn’t very happy about tummy time but will now hold his head up for a few minutes at a time.

Parker on the other hand has become a tummy time champ. Since mastering rolling he has decided that he is going to be a stomach sleeper. Now he just has to notice that there is not always room to roll over, so far that hasn’t stopped him from trying.

(Nicholas, Andrew, Parker)

The boys are usually only put in the same crib when we are getting ready to take them downstairs after a feeding/changing. We refer to it as the staging crib. All of the boys know how to turn on the soother and will stay semi entertained for a few minutes. The other time we put them all in the same crib is when we need to entertain them for a little while. When there is not enough time to take everyone downstairs just to bring them back up for feeding/nap/bedtime. We used to set them up on the floor like this to play.

(Nicholas, Parker, Andrew)

We found that they tend to try and scoot under the cribs now. They are way to big to fit so they just end up banging their heads. Now we do this:

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

Yes those are clamps on the crib. It’s the DIY baby gym. It’s not as nice as taking them downstairs where the each have their own gym to play, but in that 15 minutes between a feeding and bedtime it is a wonderful thing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vacation planning

I’ve mentioned before that Cody and I are big Disney fans. It’s been 13 months since our last Disney vacation and we are already trying to decide when we can go back.

There has been much debate as to what age we should take the boys to Disneyland and also to Disney World. I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was 4 years old, but think next fall would be a great time to go back. It would of course not be a Disney trip like we’ve had before. Normally we “go commando” through the parks, as in get there early and do everything we can possibly cram in before the park closes. With the boys it would be a leisurely trip with lots of time spent in Fantasyland and tons of cute pictures taken with the characters.

We also have talked about taking the plunge and taking the boys to Disney World, but we had to take RSV season into consideration over the next 2 years. RSV seasons are broken into 5 regions, South, Northeast, Midwest, West and Florida. Florida is it’s own region, that can’t be a good sign. RSV season in Florida starts in early July and runs to the end of January.  Since we usually like to visit WDW in September, that’s out.

We are both really going through Disney withdrawals. It’s never too early to start planning for Disneyland, right?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Death warmed over

That pretty much describes how I feel today. Thursday morning I woke up with a tickle in the back of my throat, by Thursday night it hurt to swallow. Friday felt like I had swallowed razor blades. Today the good news is my throat doesn’t hurt much anymore as whatever this gunk is has moved to my chest.

I really don’t like being sick and luckily I don’t get sick often. The last time I was sick was when I first became pregnant with the boys. When I was sick then it was just a mildly sore throat and being exhausted. Of course that was after 10 days running through Walt Disney World from open to close everyday. So I may not have even been sick.

I guess it’s a good thing that Cody has been off work.  Well, good for me at least. He’s been doing the majority of the work when it comes to the boys this week. He’ll be home tomorrow (hurray for Federal holidays) then I’m on my own again. Hopefully I’ll be better or at least fully functional by then.

Since I don’t like a photo-less post, here are the boys tired after a workout at the baby gyms and the dreaded tummy time.

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Never ending weekend

Cody has had the whole week off from work, so we’ve been taking advantage of him being home. Over the past 6 days we’ve visited (or had visit) all of the boys' grandparents, took two leaf drives up the canyons, celebrated Cody’s 29th Birthday, went shopping at the mall and bought a chest freezer (so we can finally reclaim our kitchen freezer). Needless to say it’s been busy.

We took quite a few pictures, but the only one processed so far is this:

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

It’s our first family photo since the hospital. Cody set up two flashes and the camera with the remote. It was funny watching cars slow down to look at us. The jackets are so cuddly and the ears just make them that much cuter.

While shopping for clothes for the boys and searching for new PJs, Cody was overheard saying that we need 3 in the same size. A woman heard us wondering why we would need three. Turns out she has triplets and one was coming home from the hospital the next day. It must be a parent of triplets thing where you clearly hear others when they say anything about buying in threes. She was very nice and we pointed her towards some of the local triplet groups and hope to meet her again.

If Cody has tomorrow off as well, it looks like we’ll be shampooing carpets (oh boy!). Friday night our favorite babysitter is coming over to give us a night out. I’m still undecided if we will go to dinner or see a movie. It’s been so long that I have no idea if there is anything worth seeing in the theater right now. Either way it will be nice to have a night out.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Long weekend

I’ll have to sum up the weekend tomorrow. Cody has been off since Thursday so it’s been like a super weekend. Instead here are some pictures.

This was from two months ago when we first started using cloth diapers. I wasn’t sold on the whole cloth diapering thing at first, but now I think they are great. They are not as much work as I thought they would be, plus no diaper rash and the boys seem to like them much better than disposables.  After using fleece for a while even Pampers Swaddlers seem scratchy to us. For the most part we are using all cloth, but occasionally we have to use disposables. On average we are using one disposable diaper each every three days. At that rate we may outgrow size one diapers with a couple boxes left unopened.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

This is from two weeks ago, they have grown so much.

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

Finally a shot Cody was able to get just the other day with all three boys smiling (or close to it) something we’ve been trying to capture for a long time.

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

DNA results are in… they’re identical!

After months of waffling back and forth about if our boys are all identical, we finally ordered the test kit a couple of weeks ago and got the results back this afternoon. I believe Pam was the first to welcome us to the ID BBB club and now it’s official (I’m hoping she’ll teach me the secret handshake).

Our boys are all monozygotic!  What that means is that one egg split into two, with one being Nicholas and another that split again a few days later into Andrew and Parker.

We’ve not been able to find any exact odds on identical triplets, but generally we’ve seen somewhere between 1 in 60,000 and 1 in 160,000 pregnancies. I think that’s just crazy. We really need to go to Vegas or play the lottery. I’m happy to finally know and it will sure make things easier when we are out with the boys to say “yes they are identical” instead of “these two are identical for sure and we don’t know about him” and explaining it. We’ve been telling people they are identical just to make it easier, so it’s nice to find out we haven’t been lying to all the strangers that have asked.

Some pictures for today. Since summer is officially over and fall is setting in. Here are the boys enjoying the nice weather in the back yard.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

(Parker, Andrew, Nicholas)

These pictures were taken a couple weeks apart. Seems like we can almost watch them growing overnight.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yay! I can do laundry

The dryer is back in working order. A screw on the outside of the drum needed to be tightened to put me back in business. I’m already on track to get my 5 loads or more done this afternoon. Disposal is also working again, just the garage still needs to be fixed. It is going to require hiring someone to replace the spring, but 2 out of 3 is not bad.

Last week we bought a Sanyo VPC-CG10.


We were able to get some basic video with our point and shoot camera, but wanted higher quality and the ability to take longer videos. Now that the boys are laughing I’m really happy to have the camera to capture it.  I’ll try to post some new video soon.

For today’s pictures, first we have more bath night shots. I think we have maybe a week left where we can line the boys up all in one crib, they are getting too long.

(Nicholas, Parker)


The boys are starting to entertain each other which is fun to watch and gives me a chance to put away laundry.

(Andrew, Nicholas, Parker)

Monday, September 28, 2009

The house is ganging up on us

Today was the last straw for me. Over the last week we’ve had the spring on the garage door break and the disposal stop working, but today I noticed one of the ‘fins’ in our dryer is loose and bangs if the dryer is running. Upside is I can’t do laundry today, downside is I can’t do laundry today. Normally on Mondays I try to get at least 5 loads washed and dried.

Cody hasn’t looked at the dryer yet but with luck it’s something he can easily fix. I’ll just push my laundry day back a day. If it’s not an easy fix I guess it’s time to find someone who knows about dryers in an attempt to avoid having an actual repairman come in.

To continue through all of the pictures recently processed, here are the boys doing tummy time, and really all the explanation needed as to why Nicholas gets extra tummy time.

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

Parker and Nicholas hanging out in our new glider. We really don’t dress them alike that often, it’s just a coincidence that both of these pictures have the boys matching.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Cody went on a photo processing spree this weekend, finishing up all of August and current September photos. Instead of doing a huge photo post, I’m just going to share a couple at a time. Pictures are fun, right? That and I’m not really sure what to blog about most days. My days (and the boys’ days) are very routine, we have a schedule that we stick to. I can’t imagine our daily activities are that exciting to others. Only on rare occasions do we deviate from the schedule or do something special. If anyone has any questions, suggestions or requests please let me know.

The boys love their mobiles. We have three different ones that we rotate between their cribs. I know it seems like they are looking at the camera, but really they are looking at the mobile.

(Nicholas, Andrew, Parker)

Here’s Andrew on bath night, happily waiting for his turn in the tub.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Five months old

The boys are five months old yesterday. I can’t believe how quickly the last couple months have gone by and how much the boys change every week. In just the last week, they are starting to get eyebrows and we’ve had first laughs from Parker and Andrew.

I took the boys in for a weight check and boy are they growing fast:
Andrew is 14 lbs 8 oz last month he was 12 lbs 4 oz. A gain of 2 lbs 4 oz.
Parker is 14 lbs 3 oz, last month he was 12 lbs 2 oz. A gain of 2 lbs 1 oz.
Nicholas is 12 lbs 15 oz, last month he was 11 lbs 7 oz. A gain of 1 lb 8 oz.

I’m a little worried that Nick is still not gaining weight as fast as his brothers, but he seems healthy and happy. We are just finishing up a growth spurt. The boys were all taking 6 to 7 ounces of milk every 4 hours for just over a week then taking longer naps than usual. Now they are back to their normal feeds, but now we know what a growth spurt looks like.

Here is their 5 month picture!

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)
Cody got to play with his new photo toys (backdrop, flash gels, etc) for this shot.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

You don’t see that everyday

We often hear that statement when we take the boys out on errands, but whenever I hear it I can’t help but think “I see it everyday.” However here’s something you really don’t see everyday:


Eleven triplet families in one place. Friday evening we went to a family picnic with a Utah triplet group. It was really nice to talk to other parents. With triplets ranging from 5 months (ours, youngest by 3 days) to 9 years old we got an interesting glimpse into our future.

We also saw our first choo choo wagon, something we’ve been trying to buy all year. After seeing one in person now we are sure we want one, but since they are discontinued they are very hard to find and people are selling them for a lot more than they were brand new.  Hopefully we’ll find one at a reasonable price by the time they are ready for it.

Another bonus of all the triplet families together is no one stared at us for having three car seats or a triple stroller. For once we were not the traveling circus; we were just another one of the families.

Unfortunately, however, the weather didn’t cooperate.  The wind kicked up right as everyone started arriving, and it was very windy the whole time and eventually started raining.  The wind really upset Nick and Parker (Andrew fell asleep), so Cody wasn’t able to take many photos as he had planned. The next gathering planned is going to be a moms only outing. I suggested we make it an all day mother’s retreat, but I think we’ll just get together for a dinner.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Peach Days

Over the weekend, we met the Photowalking Utah group at the Brigham City Peach Days so Cody could mingle with other photography lovers and get some cool photos.  Or rather I should say we tried to meet the group. There was a group, but we arrived about one minute late and they were already walking away from the meeting point.  We briefly talked to a few members before they got lost in the crowd, and that was all we saw of the group, apparently it didn’t stick together very long.  Cody especially wanted the chance to go with the group, so it was pretty disappointing. We still walked through Main St and looked at some of the displays.

The boys seemed to enjoy themselves, looking around and watching all the activity. The only fun/interesting thing was a table set up for DL PhotoArt. They offered to do a free photoshoot for the boys to have in their portfolio. I’ll be calling them this week to set something up.

Sadly even though we went so Cody could take photos, he only took three shots. He was there more for the group aspect and I was just there because it was a nice day to get out. I lived in Brigham City for a year as a kid and remember Peach Days being a big deal. It seems like the fair has lost some of its luster over the last couple decades.

In completely unrelated news, the mystery of my dizziness has been solved. My labs came back on Thursday and I have hypothyroidism. With luck it will take just a couple weeks for the medication to kick in. After reading through all the symptoms of hypothyroidism I wasn’t surprised at all. Let see… dizziness? check.  Hair loss? check.  Fatigue? check. Forgetfulness? check. So other than the dizziness it all sounds like any other sleep deprived new mom. At least the dizziness will go away, we’ll see about everything else.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend recap (A few days late)

It was a busy week and weekend for us and the boys. I consider busy any week that I take the boys out on my own more than once. It’s always an adventure running errands with the boys and the uber-stroller. The boys went grocery shopping with me on Thursday. We bought a reusable grocery bag from Albertsons that hangs perfectly off the steering wheel so I could easily shop without trying to carry a basket.

Friday morning, I had a 9 am doctor appointment that I had to take the boys with me. It was interesting to see my normal doctor, the last time I talked to her it was the day of my first ultrasound. She called me to tell me she could no longer be my doctor as she doesn’t handle high risk pregnancies. She was excited to see the boys and they were very well behaved. I’m fairly sure that when she listened for the baby’s heart at my first prenatal appointments she was listening to Parker and was just as shocked as we were to find out we were having triplets. I went in to see if we can’t find out why I keep having dizzy spells. They drew a lot of blood and I should hear back this week.

We decided to spend Saturday shopping in an attempt to catch some end of season sales to buy the boys summer clothing for next year. Either we were too early or too late, because we didn’t find a whole lot. We did find some bibs on sale and a couple outfits that were 2 for $4. After looking through many racks, we also realized that before we can do any real shopping we need to re-inventory the boys closet for larger sizes to determine what we’ll need.

As usual Sunday was our grocery shopping day and dinner with the family. It turned out to be a wonderful day since we finally sold my old car. It has been for sale for 5 months with very little interest. The cash for clunkers deal took away what little interest we’d had. Finally Cody took a friend’s advice and jacked up the price hoping someone would make a low offer. It worked! It worked so well we sold it for a few hundred more than we would have taken. A celebratory lunch at Applebee's was required.

We were out later than planned on Sunday so Monday was a slow day. We stayed home all day getting laundry caught up and Cody mowed the lawn. For some reason I was very, very tired and fell asleep at around 7 pm, making the day seem very short after a nice long weekend.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goodbye little car

I’m happy and a little sad to say we sold my Scion XA today. We’ve been trying to sell it since we bought the minivan. The Scion was the first (and only) new car I’ve ever had. It was the perfect commuter car for me, great mileage and surprisingly roomy. Not only was it great for running errands there was enough space for my snowboard and gear.

With the minivan I certainly have space for the my snowboard, and Cody’s snowboard and maybe the boys snowboards (in a few years). I probably lose some coolness points though.

We’ve had a busy week and weekend. I’ll put together a recap tomorrow.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Photo update

We take most of our pictures with a DSLR in RAW format. The upside is we get some very high quality photos, and since the nursery can be a little low light it's easy to recover some of the details we would lose. The downside is it takes time for Cody to process all of the images, so there is usually a delay in being able to post any of them and they are done in bunches, so here are some highlights of the last 2 weeks.

First their 4 month old picture:

(Andrew, Parker, Nicholas)

Since the weather is starting to show signs that it will stop being too warm to be comfortable, we've started taking the boys outside in the evenings. They seem to enjoy looking at the trees and the sky.

(Parker, Nicholas)


Everyone agrees that the boys look just like Cody, but I think we know where they got their hair color and complexion from (sorry for my lack of fixed hair - I seem to be a little busy these days).

(Andrew, Parker)

We are starting early on getting the boys to look at the camera to have their picture taken.




In addition to taking a lot of pictures, we are trying to get more video of the boys as well. I've said before that Andrew was our biggest spitter and here he proves it.

In the last week Andrew and Parker have learned to blow raspberries and if you hold them facing each other they will sometimes jabber, smile and blow raspberries at each other. We are trying to catch that on video. It's time though to buy an actual video camera, right now we are using our point and shoot camera for video.

Because I love seeing photos on other blogs and I think I have the 3 cutest babies I've ever seen here are a bunch of other pictures.

Here is Andrew: