Friday, March 28, 2014

Where did the last 7 months go?

So, remember when I used to post blog updates on a regular basis? Me either. I’ve been asked if I’m ever going to start posting again and if Parker’s thumb got better (it did). The last half year has flown by. In September the boys started their second year of preschool.


In October we went on a family vacation to California last October. We did a week at Disneyland because it’s us and it’s Disney, but we also spent a couple days in Carlsbad at Legoland and some time at the beach. The boys are/were the perfect age for Legoland. Tall enough to ride all of the rides, but young enough to still be excited for the more basic rides. They love the beach and the weather was perfect. Random photos:





After returning from our vacation we went right back in to our usual routine, except we really started shifting into high gear on the house search. We spent well over a year finding a neighborhood we liked that was at the elevation we wanted and with good schools nearby. We moved in February to our new home (still unpacking) and we love it. The house has more space, enough bedrooms for the boys to have their own rooms when they want them and is right next to an awesome park.
Lots of after dinner walks are happening in the park, we’ve met a ton of our new neighbors and they have all be so nice and welcoming.
A much more recent photo of the boys, this is what happens when we don’t have good treats to bribe with.


The boys are growing like weeds and eating like hobbits (7 meals a day) and still talk so much it can be overwhelming. With the move the boys moved to a new preschool and seem to be enjoying it. We are settling in and I hope to be unpacked soonish and start decorating. After having photos up all over the old house it’s weird to not yet have anything on the walls. With the boys birthday less than a month away I have a bit of a deadline to print new photos and in general start decorating.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Parker’s thumb

Back in January I was helping Parker wash his hands and noticed his left thumb didn’t straighten when I was rubbing his hands together. At first I thought he was just holding it strangely, but after a closer look it became pretty clear he couldn’t straighten it if he wanted to. 
Thanks to Dr. Google it looked like he had a trigger thumb, so I made an appointment with our pediatrician expecting her to confirm it. She did and referred us to the same orthopedic we went to with his broken arm. We made it to the ortho a week later and his thumb was still stuck. The ortho put a splint on his hand to try and slowly force his finger to straighten (didn’t work) and keeping a brace on him was not an easy task. We were referred to a pediatric hand specialist at Primary Children’s Hospital. It took three weeks to get in to the doctor and by then Parker’s thumb had released on his own. We still went to the appointment, but since it wasn’t bothering him we decided to just watch it.
Over the next couple months Parker would occasional lock his thumb and freak out he would immediately be able to release it or it would stay that way for a week. We set up a return visit after one of the stuck for a week episodes and of course he was fine when we went to the appointment. At that appointment Parker was able to demonstrate how his thumb would click and lock then straighten again for the doctor.
Surgery was scheduled for July 31st, Parker and I arrived at Primarys at 8:30 in the morning and it was packed. After waiting for some seats to open up. I gave in and let Parker have the ipad. He insisted on wearing my “ear bugs” even though they were way to big and kept falling off. Yes, he insisted on wearing the beaded necklace to the hospital.

2013-07-31 08.59.32

They schedule procedures based on age, the youngest go first due to the no food after midnight rule. We had a fairly long wait until finally going back at 9:40 to get Parker changed for the procedure.

He was really happy and like the purple rocket pjs. I have to say the nurses and even the anesthesiologist were awesome with him. We headed to the OR, first Parker got to choose which car he wanted to ride in. They had an assortment of cozy coupes decorated in different colors and styles. I was busy trying to carry all of the stuff I brought to keep Parker entertained while we waited to take any pictures.  
Parker drove his way back to the OR and I went to the parents waiting room. It was only a 30 minute procedure, but with anesthesia I waited for about an hour before I was allowed to go back and see him. When I made it to him he was in a good mood and talking (nonstop) to the nurses. He gave me a big hug and we had a quick video call with Cody at work.
We had another hour waiting for Parker to be discharged, he enjoyed a popsicle and three slushees. Thank goodness he came out of anesthesia without any complications, but we found he does have a tape/adhesive sensitivity. The hives and rash faded  completely after about two hours.  He watched Cars on the ipad (with his bear Hugga) while enjoying the slushees, pink lemonade was his favorite flavor.


The incision is on the inside of his thumb and took just 4 stitches to close. It had to stay dressed for 3 days. Keeping the bandage on and keeping him calm for three long days was the hardest part of this whole adventure. There was a risk that if he fell and used his left hand to catch himself he’d pull the stitches out.
The bandage came off and he was back to normal and very happy that his thumb is now fixed. It’ll take about two weeks for the stitches to come out on their own.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Splash pad fun

This year we’ve made a few trips to the local splash pad, I put it off for a while because of the boys allergic reaction to all of the sunblock that is the water (washed off of other kids). The boys are much more into getting soaked then they were last year.

Parker, Andrew, Nicholas

They were thoroughly entertained for over an hour before we had to get home for dinner.


Andrew really liked going through the ‘tunnel’ and pretending to be a chain chuffing. All of the boys move their arms like the linkage arms on the wheels while running and of course making train sounds. The splash pad is good sized and has a lot of different types of fountains for every one to play in.


DSC05964-X3[1] DSC06009-X2[1] DSC05973-X2[1]

Parker more or less refused to have his picture taken or look at the camera.  Since this trip we have tried another splash pad in the area, but it was to intimidating for the boys. In all of the trips this year the boys have not had a reaction to the water or sunblock, it looks like they may have grown out the allergy.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

One piece of taffy and four Swedish fish

The boys normally don’t cooperate for photos. It might be because they are 4 year old boys or because they’ve had cameras pointed at them a lot since day 1. We take a ton of pictures of the boys, rarely do we not have a camera with us or two. Since the boys won’t always look at the camera, let alone smile we’ve resorted to bribery. It works amazingly well.
A couple weeks ago Cody set up one off camera flash and we asked the boys to pose for some photos. For individual pictures they were offered a single piece of taffy. We got at least a dozen shots of each of the boys, with smiles.


Last photo of Nicholas, so excited about the impending taffy.


Andrew – we are in the cheesy smile phase




After they each claimed their reward, I wanted some group shots. After much bargaining the asking price was 4 Swedish fish or ‘red gooey fish’ as the boys call them each.




With the exception of the sitting down shot, we let them pose themselves. I love how easily they stand close together or hug, I hope they stay this close.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Art Festival and enjoying the neighborhood

While I’m not a fan of the heat (21 days of 90-100) out, the boys don’t seem to mind it. The boys are much more comfortable on their bikes this year. They spend a lot of time pedaling up and down the sidewalks on our street and riding to the local park with Cody and sometimes me.





This year Cody was given some passes for the Utah Arts Festival, we went and I heard that there was a lot of art to see. The boys were not interested in looking at any of the booths. We did spend a fair amount of time in the kids area, the boys each enjoyed a pb+j sandwich and played in the ‘spider webs’.



They also each made a fuzzy spider (with help) to put on the webs, but decided they couldn’t part with their new friends. The boys favorite part was a playground area.



Friday, July 12, 2013

First visit to Yellowstone

I’m really behind on posting anything, so trying to catch up a little. Over Father’s day weekend we drove up to Idaho and spent a night at my dad’s house and went to Yellowstone on Saturday afternoon. It was the boys (and Cody’s) first visit to Yellowstone. We only spent one afternoon in the park and decided to make the most of it and head straight for Old Faithful. The boys were more impressed with a stop on the walkway.


I have no idea what used to be here, but the boys thought it was the best thing ever.


They also held hands and circled around it before taking turns being king of the hill.

Best group shot we got, at least Andrew is smiling and looking near the camera.

We waiting, not very patiently, for Old Faithful to erupt. There were a few false starts before that got the boys attention.

DSC05261-M[1] DSC05273-M[1]

Right as Old Faithful started going off a couple got up off the bench and stood directly in front of us and the boys, so we didn’t take any pictures. After the crowds cleared out a bit we posed a couple shots.


After the geyser we had a nice picnic and the boys were so ready for a nap. Since this was Cody’s first visit to the park he also wanted to see the prismatic pool. The boys crashed in the van while Cody made the short hike up the the pool while they were sleeping.


We headed home that night, but can’t wait to go camping in Yellowstone this summer. I can’t wait for Cody and the boys to see the upper and lower falls.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tulip Festival (photo heavy)

We love going to the tulip festival each year, but this year the boys birthday and everything else going on meant we were going to miss it. Thanks to a long cool spring the festival was extended and we were able to enjoy the flowers in (mostly) full bloom. The excitement of looking at a bunch of flowers wore off pretty quickly for the boys. Ten minutes in they were claiming we had seen all the flowers and it was time to go. Of course then they had the chance to run along the many paths, roll down the grassy hills and be bribed into posing for photos.




We stopped to watch the fish.


Then we took a brief break in the grass, or at least we tried. Laying down anywhere near the boys always results in the boys climbing on us. Cody went gave horsey rides, expert level.


After trying to pose the boys for more photos we let them have a turn at the camera. They love getting to use our cameras and they are starting to get some decent shots.

Andrew was so focused on getting the shot framed, I love how he has positioned himself.

The shot he got:


Nicholas’ turn.

Can you tell Parker was done with posing?

Then it was time to run around like crazy kids again.


We played in the water.

DSC04621-M[1] DSC05189-M[1] DSC05191-M[1]

The boys stayed relatively dry, just a few splashes on their shirts and some wet hands. Then we headed for the children’s garden with the spraying fountains.

DSC05197-M[1] DSC04655-M[1]

After everyone was basically soaked we headed for the exit and attempted more group shots. There was the promise of candy involved in getting these pictures.



2/3 looking at the camera and smiling is still as good as we got, but I’ve learned the boys will do amazing things for a piece of taffy.